Bowling Etiquette

Rules for Bowling at Paulding Bowling Center

  1. Please do not cross the black foul line. The lane is oiled and the lane is very slippery.
  2. Do not throw more than one ball at a time down the lane.
  3. If the ball does not return please notify the counter.
  4. Do not walk down the lane for any reason. Contact the counter for assistance.
  5. No food or drink on or near the approach. The approach is the wooden part where the ball return is.
  6. Please be courteous of other bowlers. Do not step on the approach when someone else is on the approach on the left or right.
  7. Please clean up your area wehn finished and return balls to the rack.
  8. If you need further assistance please see the counter.

Thank you for bowling at Paulding Bowling Center.

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